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Checkersvip Changelog


This is how everything started, with this basic board but a lot of code behide this , i really appreciate the knowledge and experience of my friend and developer of this site he worked in this huge project by himself and i am so proud of him. we are going to update this thread every time we add a new feature

January 2021

We started with this project with a group of friends , we decided the world needed a better checkers website.

February 24 2021

It was a slow but funny process and we had our first but simple board ( please checke the image above)

March 4 2021

We decided to go with WSS over HTTP Polling the server

March 14 2021

Our first real design and super excited because now we can move the pieces

April 16 2021

Now 2 player can play online :D


April 20 2021

We got a US based server

April 16 2021

We finally are able to creat tables

i know is so simple "

April 16 2021

The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them. Paulo Coelho"

May 15 2021

Mobile responsive added , is still buggy but working hard on it

June 1 2021

Finally works on mobile phones

June 3 2021"

Looks more stylish uh ?

June 6 2021

Draw , Resign, Pop up winner alert , and timer were added

June 27 2021

Registration page added

July 1 2021

Working on the chat , and setting and spectators tabs inside the games room

July 7 2021

Big update : 3 mov is finally implemented , chat is done , cheat indicator added it turns red if the player is not in the game and still working on the timer

July 8 2021

Auto scroll on chat fixed , Resign bug fixed , rematch on 3 mov fixed

July 25 2021

New board and pieces design

July 26 2021

Spector's bug fixed , pop up added when creating a new table

July 31 2021

Websocket code optimization, 3 mov is fully working , fixed a mobile reponsive issue, fixed the issue which does not make a player loose a game

August 3 2021

Fixed unicode username issue on WSS, remove tables if players/viewers exits the game, flags pack added

August 5 2021

3 languages added ,Spanish , Portuguese and Italian , automatically lenguage detect using browser User-Agent

August 9 2021

Fixed timer issue which goes down even after match is over, fixed username issue , updated loggin system , Board resized , fixed some styling issues on the right sidebar during Game Play

August 10 2021

Fixed scrolling issue while dragging the pieces on mobile , more WSS optimizations and fixes

August 13 2021

Fixed board pieces coming over the botttom navigation on mobile , chat notifications on mobile , Night moded added

August 18 2021

Counter is fixed

August 23 2021

Fixed highlight issue , improved the piece movement in both mobile and Desktop, Automatic disconection issue fixed, updated the chat to support unicode characters , WSS CODE optimization, player name swaping fixed , timer issues fixed , working on premove front-end and backend not 100% completed

September 1 2021

Premove added lol this was fun to explain to my friend but he managed really well

September 6

50 Move rule added , 3x repetition draw added

September 12 2021

Working on a forum integration and some other server issues

September 14

11 Man added ( not working properly yet)

September 20 2021

3 languages added to the "Forum" Spanish , Portuguese and Italian , automatic language detect same as the game zone

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